Frequently Asked Questions

Should I send an application even though my education is not related to cars in any way?

What we value the most is that the applicant wants to produce quality products, learn new things and is able to work as part of a team. A wide variety of educational backgrounds provide exactly the competencies that we expect from battery plant employees.

Is being a battery operator hard work?

Working at the battery plant is physical, but we have invested in ergonomics and occupational safety. Heavy work phases have been automated and we employ many solutions to facilitate work. In addition, job rotation allows changing tasks within a team or trying entirely different tasks.

What is the salary made up of?

A novice battery operator will either be group 1 (no work experience), 2 (more than one year of work experience) or 3 (more than five years of work experience). From the very first day, salary is based on the requirements of the task and is in line with the applicable collective agreement. The salary changes as the employees’ skills develop. In addition, overall income includes shift pay, compensation for equalising working hours, performance bonuses and other additional compensation in accordance with the collective labour agreement, such as on-call compensation, overtime pay, holiday pay as well as payments and benefits related to annual vacations.

Do employees have to move to Salo or Uusikaupunki?

Many battery plant employees do not live in Salo or Uusikaupunki. There is a direct train connection to Salo from Turku, and a bus from Turku (via Raisio) and Pori (via Rauma) will drop you directly at the gate of the Uusikaupunki plant.

Who is suitable to be a battery operator?

The tasks require perseverance, precision and dexterity. Our youngest recruits have been under 20 and the oldest over 50. Age is not an issue – we are looking for working age people capable of working. About one in three of our employees are women.

Can I change jobs?

We want to offer our employees career paths and opportunities to develop, and we aim to offer open positions to our own employees, as much as possible. You can change teams or departments if there is a task that matches your skills. It is also possible to proceed to supervisory positions.

What in-kind benefits does the battery plant provide?

Our employees ability to cope at work is a priority for us, which is why we support the well-being of our personnel in a variety of ways. As an in-kind benefit, Valmet Automotive employees get the ePassi application for their smartphones, which they can use to flexibly pay at indoor swimming pools, sports centres and many gyms. In addition, every employee at the Salo location is entitled to use the Kuntokampa facilities of the Salo IoT Campus, which offers a wide variety of exercise opportunities, ranging from using the gym to group exercise classes. Employees of the Uusikaupunki location get access to Hobby House Laturi, which offers a gym, exercise premises, table tennis and billiards, gaming consoles as well as a handicrafts room with a hand loom.

What kinds of employment contracts do new battery operators get?

We conduct recruitment ourselves as well as in cooperation with partners. All new battery operators become Valmet Automotive employees with employment contracts valid for an indefinite period.

How international is the battery plant?

There are over 70 nationalities represented at Valmet Automotive. Practically all of our customers are from abroad as well as many partners. Internationality is visible and continues to increase, but our work culture is consistent.

Do I have to speak Finnish to work at the battery plant?

The battery plant has two working languages: Finnish and English. We provide orientation in English and all work instructions are available in both Finnish and English. The number of non-Finnish speaking employees at our plants is growing steadily.

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